Crush your Cardiology USMLE

A comprehensive guide to mastering the cardiology course, tailored  for USMLE Step 2, Step 3 and MCCQE1 exams.


This course is designed to provide medical students and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) with a comprehensive review of cardiology, tailored to prepare them for USMLE Step 2, Step 3 and MCCQE1 exams. The course will cover the basic principles of common cardiovascular diseases, such as heart failure, ischemic heart disease, and arrhythmias. We will discuss the clinical presentation, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment options for each disease, including pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies.

Throughout the course, we will use a combination of lectures, case-based discussions, and interactive question sessions to reinforce key concepts and help students develop critical thinking skills. In addition, we will provide students with practice questions and mock exams to help them prepare for the USMLE Step 2, Step 3, and MCCQE1 exams.

Upon completion of the course, students will have a strong foundation in cardiology and be prepared to apply this knowledge to patient care and succeed in their exams.

What does Cardiology USMLE course include?

lectures and case-based discussions

We will provide students with practice questions and mock exams

Interactive question sessions to reinforce key concepts

Discuss of clinical presentation, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment options for each disease

Course Instructor.

Roupen is a highly accomplished medical professional who has earned numerous accolades and achievements throughout his career. He has taken and successfully passed all of the North American Medical Licensing Exams, including the American Board of Internal Medicine and the Royal College of Internal Medicine. Roupen’s exceptional academic performance is reflected in his graduation within the top three of his class.

Aside from his impressive academic background, Roupen’s commitment to excellence extends to his passion for teaching. He has helped countless students to achieve their academic goals by sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise. Roupen’s dedication to his profession is evidenced by his completion of over 30,000 MCQs, demonstrating his relentless pursuit of knowledge and mastery in the field of medicine.

Throughout his career, Roupen has served in various medical capacities, including as a practicing physician and medical educator. His contributions to the medical community have earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and students alike.

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Full detailed course curriculum for Cardiology USMLE/MCCQE1
Heart Failure
  1. Intro 1
  2. Intro 2
  3. Heart Failure Lesson 1
  4. Heart Failure Lesson 2
  5. Heart Failure Lesson 3
  6. Heart Failure Lesson 4
  7. Heart Failure Lesson 5
  8. Heart Failure Lesson 6
  9. Heart Failure Lesson 7
  10. Heart Failure Lesson 8
  11. Heart Failure Lesson 9
  12. Heart Failure Lesson 10
  13. Heart Failure Lesson 11
  14. Heart Failure Lesson 12
  15. Heart Failure Lesson 13
  16. Heart Failure Lesson 14
  17. Heart Failure Lesson 15
  18. Heart Failure Lesson 16
  19. Heart Failure Lesson 17
  20. Heart Failure Lesson 18
  21. Heart Failure Lesson 19
  22. Heart Failure Lesson 20
Valvular heart disease
  1. Valvular Heart Disease Lesson 1
  2. Valvular hear disease Lesson 2
  3. Valvular heart disease Lesson 3
  4. Valvular Heart disease Lesson 4
  5. Valvular heart disease Lesson 5
  6. Valvular heart disease Lesson 6
  7. Valvular heart disease Lesson 7
  8. Valvular heart disease Lesson 8
  9. Valvular heart disease Lesson 9
  10. Valvular heart diseae Lesson 10
  11. Valvular heart diseae Lesson 11
  12. Valvular heart diseae Lesson 12
  13. Valvular heart diseae Lesson 13
  14. Valvular heart diseae Lesson 14
  15. Valvular heart diseae Lesson 15
  16. Valvular heart diseease Lesson 16
  17. Valvular heart diseease Lesson 17
Acute coronary syndrome
  1. ACS and angina Lesson 1
  2. ACS and angina Lesson 2
  3. ACS and angina Lesson 3
  4. ACS and angina Lesson 4
  5. ACS and angina Lesson 5
  6. ACS and angina Lesson 6
  7. ACS and angina Lesson 7
  8. ACS and angina Lesson 8
  9. ACS and angina Lesson 9
  10. ACS and angina Lesson 10
  11. ACS and angina Lesson 11
  12. ACS and angina Lesson 12
  13. ACS and angina Lesson 13
  14. ACS and angina Lesson 14
Pericarditis and Cardiac Tamponade
  1. Pericarditis Lesson 1
  2. Pericarditis Lesson 2
  3. Pericarditis Lesson 3
  4. Pericarditis Lesson 4
  5. Pericarditis Lesson 5
Infective endocarditis
  1. Infective endocarditis lesson 1
  2. Infective endocarditis lesson 2
  3. Infective endocarditis lesson 3
  4. Infective endocarditis lesson 4
  5. Infective endocarditis lesson 5
  6. Infective endocarditis lesson 6
  7. Infective endocarditis lesson 7
  8. Infective endocarditis lesson 8
  9. Infective endocarditis lesson 9

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✓ 67 Lessons

Highly recommend thematchguy group. I had couple of sessions of CCS practice with this team and it was absolutely amazing. They went over the step by step approach to CCS cases and then applied those to the real cases and walked me through the cases. They are always very responsive to your needs, and address your questions thoroughly and precisely. Starting off practicing ccs cases on my own, I found it very confusing, but I felt very confident being trained by this team. Thanks thematchguy for your great work!

Rana Riahi

The Step 3 CCS Cases Course is an excellent balance of both comprehensive and concise. Loved the examples and can’t wait for everyone else to enjoy this !!



Excellent, very helpful. I enjoyed them. Waiting for more cases.
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