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2024 ERAS Application Changes

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Dear aspirants,

I hope you are gearing up for a relentless yet exciting 2024 Match season! This blog aims to update you on the new changes to the 2024 MyERAS Application.

What’s new in ERAS 2024?

    • Discontinuation of the supplemental ERAS application
    • Limiting the number of experiences
    • Adding impactful experiences
    • Adding geographic preferences and program signaling 

Now, let’s delve deeper and examine each of these newly introduced changes in more detail:

Discontinuation of the Supplemental ERAS Application

The AAMC has discontinued the Supplemental ERAS application for the 2023-2024 Match season. It was previously used to collect additional data regarding program signaling, geographical preferences, and preferred work setting. It also included a section for impactful experiences. Moving forward, the AAMC has decided to exclude the Supplemental ERAS application and incorporate these aspects into MyERAS. This change benefits applicants, as the Supplemental application was time-consuming adding to the burden of the application process.

Changes in the Experiences Section

  • Limiting the number of experiences: While previously you could add an undefined number of experiences, the 2024 update permits applicants a maximum of ten experiences. This helps portray meaningful experiences and keeps the ERAS CV short and precise.
  • Meaningful experiences: Applicants can select the top three experiences from their list which will be considered as their meaningful experiences. This helps convey what is essential to you as a physician and reflects your priorities.
  • Detailed Description: The newly updated ERAS application collects detailed descriptions regarding the timeframe and frequency of participation. Be sure to fill this out appropriately, as questions may arise on interview day regarding your contributions during these experiences.
    • Additional descriptions of experience types, like professional organization, hobbies, etc., are included to provide a better perspective to residency programs and help understand the experience.
    • Multiple entry questions added to the MyERAS application capture the mission-focused characteristics and experience setting (urban vs. rural) to promote a holistic review of your application.
    • Lastly, it briefly describes the roles, responsibilities, and context of each experience.
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Impactful Experiences

Previously a part of the Supplemental ERAS application, this section allows you to describe challenges, hardships, or adversities that influenced your residency journey. This is a golden opportunity to exhibit your determination and problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles.

Geographic Information

Also, previously part of the Supplemental ERAS application, this section allows you to indicate locational (geographic) and setting (urban vs. rural) preferences. You may also choose to communicate a lack of preference if you are willing to move anywhere in the US for residency.

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Program Signaling

Signaling was essentially the most important part of the Supplemental ERAS application and is now included in the MyERAS application. This allows you to express particular interest in programs of your choice, and the number of signals varies by specialty. Consider your application’s strength when signaling different programs as you have a very limited number of signals available.

Now that MyERAS is the only application to conquer, I hope this brief blog on the 2024 updates helps you prepare a stellar ERAS application. Start soon so you can perfect your application before certification and submission!

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Vikyath Satish, MBBS

Internal Medicine Resident

Jacobi Medical Center/ Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City

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