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What Does ERAS Application Editing Include?

Physician Advisor

A physician and native English speaker with exceptional expertise in editing ERAS Applications and CVs.

CV editing

Language Revision

By refining grammar, syntax, and word choice, we elevate the quality of your writing.

New ERAS Guidance

With the new changes to ERAS, we provide significant detailed comments and feedback to assist you with program signaling, geographic preferences, and selection of most meaningful experiences.

Experiences Editing

We significantly edit and refine your whole ERAS CV including your work, research, and volunteer experiences, tailoring them to your chosen specialty.

Our ERAS Application Packages

Unlimited Revisions

ERAS Application Editing

What's included

$899 USD

Write From Scratch

ERAS Application Editing

We Help You Complete your ERAS Application from SCRATCH
Limited Availability
(Only 5 this Match Season)

$1199 USD

1 Revision

ERAS Application Editing

What's included

$499 USD

Why Not Save $1300 By Bundling
& Signing up to the Match Application  Package?


Match Application Package

What's included

$3500 USD


Match Application Package

What's included

$1999 USD


Match Application Package

What's included

$999 USD

* Gain UNLIMITED access to a residency match advisor (matched resident in the U.S.) via WhatsApp, text, or email for personalized, constant guidance throughout your application process.

** The Residency Program Navigator is a comprehensive guide with detailed information about residency programs (# of IMGs, cutoff scores, YOG, VISA, etc), aiding applicants in selecting programs best suited to their application

+ Includes letter of recommendation templates, letter of interest templates, letter of intent templates, post-Match Guide, access to our Match Guide

~ For your course access, you have these options to pick from: The Comprehensive Research Course, the Statistics Course, the ‘How to Find Research Positions’ Course, the Biostatistics Course, the STEP 3 CCS course, and the ‘How to Study for Exams’ course!

# If you don’t secure a residency spot this year, rest assured, we’ll continue to provide edits for your CV and Personal Statement until you successfully match! Please note, it doesn’t cover repeating interview preparation or advising hours (if these were already used), and it does not guarantee a residency spot in the U.S.

These packages can be customized to fit your needs. For any questions about customizing the match application packages, please schedule a free session HERE.
You may be wondering, “Do I really need to have my
ERAS Application edited?

Can't I just rely on feedback from friends and family?"🤔

✅ It’s fair to state that the ‘Experiences’ section of your ERAS CV is likely one of the most crucial elements of your application. It represents the culmination of your journey, shedding light on your accomplishments and revealing your strengths as an applicant. By articulately detailing your experiences and achievements, you significantly enhance your chances of getting an interview. After all, your past is the best predictor of your future potential.

👨‍🔬 Moreover, with recent changes to ERAS — particularly limiting the number of experiences you can include and the addition of the ‘most meaningful experiences,’ ‘program signaling,’ and ‘geographic preferences’ — you could certainly benefit from an experienced advisor who knows the process inside and out. It’s essential to understand the mindset of program directors and members of the resident selection committee. They are looking for certain cues and clues within your application, and we know how to present your experiences in a manner that appeals to them, maximizing your chances of getting SEEN and ultimately, securing that vital interview.

While it can be helpful to seek input from loved ones, it’s important to recognize that they may not possess the same level of expertise and insight as a professional physician advisor and editor.

💡 Remember, what seems important to program directors may not be as apparent to a friend assisting you. That’s why we engage physician advisors, not just language editors. Their familiarity with the program intricacies and understanding of what program directors seek in applications can significantly enhance your ERAS application and chances of matching.

👨‍💼 We uphold rigorous standards for our ERAS CV editors at our service. We meticulously select less than 10% of applicants to become editors and advisors, ensuring you receive unparalleled quality and precision. Our editors are not just native English speakers; they are also physician advisors with significant experience in ERAS CV editing and the residency selection process. For consistent excellence, each CV is appraised by two physician advisors, ensuring alignment on content, presentation, and structure.

💰 Consider the significance of your residency match. Is it worth risking your chances for the sake of a few hundred dollars? Keep in mind that not matching can result in a substantial financial setback, with potential losses ranging from $200,000 to $500,000 due to delays in starting your attending salary. Understanding the gravity of this decision, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the initial edit, we’ll assign another experienced editor until you are fully satisfied.

🤔 So why wait? Let us help articulate your experiences effectively in your ERAS application and maximize your chances of MATCHING today!

What are the Main Problems We Find in Most
ERAS Applications?

❗❗ Many students mistakenly believe that the main issue with their ERAS application lies solely in the language. Consequently, they turn to family and friends for help in improving the language and grammar aspect. However, through our extensive experience in ERAS CV editing, we’ve discovered that one of the major issues is the lack of adequate description for the experiences. Applicants tend to underrepresent their roles, responsibilities, and most importantly, the knowledge and skills they have gleaned from each experience. A detailed and insightful representation of your experiences helps to paint a vibrant picture of your skills, proficiency, and suitability for a given specialty.

🔎 Furthermore, another common hurdle we notice is the selection of experiences. With the recent changes to ERAS, including limiting the number of experiences you can list, it’s more crucial than ever to judiciously select the most relevant and impactful ones. Unfortunately, we’ve observed that applicants sometimes include experiences that don’t significantly contribute to their overall profile. This can potentially dilute the efficacy of your application and lead to missed opportunities.

🎯 Finally, while language and formatting issues might seem minor compared to content relevance, they are also important. Commonly found mistakes, although relatively easy to correct, can leave a negative impression on program directors if overlooked. Hence, precision in language, grammar, and structure is essential to present a polished, professional image. Our team is here to assist you in navigating these common pitfalls, ensuring your ERAS application is of the highest quality to maximize your chances of a successful match.

With the NEW Changes to the ERAS Application

More Insight into Our ERAS Application Editing📝

📝Content Guidance on the NEW ERAS Application: The recent changes to the ERAS application have increased the importance of content guidance significantly. With the new categorization and limitation of experiences, as well as the requirement for more concise descriptions, it’s essential to highlight your unique qualities and experiences effectively. Often, applicants may overlook crucial aspects of their experiences that are highly valued by program directors or residency selection committee members. This is where our experienced physician advisors shine. Having navigated the residency application process themselves, they possess an insider’s understanding of what program directors seek in your application.

If the necessary experiences are already present, we provide guidance on how these experiences can best highlight your qualities and strengths, along with detailed feedback on their incorporation. However, if there are missing experiences, we guide you on how to incorporate them effectively. For packages offering unlimited revisions, we continually refine these sections, ensuring the correct implementation of our recommended changes.

👨‍🏫 Detailed Feedback on EVERY Section of Your ERAS Application: We understand that each section of your ERAS application holds significant value and can greatly influence your chances of matching. Our advisors meticulously review and provide detailed feedback on every single section, including those often overlooked by applicants, such as Hobbies, Professional Organizations, Publications, and Reasons for Leave. By refining and optimizing each segment of your application, we assist in creating a comprehensive and impressive ERAS application that stands out to program directors.

🏗 Structural Changes:  ensure that your ERAS application, especially the ‘Experiences’ section, is well-organized and coherent. We provide detailed recommendations on how to effectively structure and order your experiences to highlight your journey and growth as an aspiring physician. With an optimized structure, your experiences become a powerful narrative that effectively portrays your diverse background, skills, and readiness for residency.

🎯 Meaningful Experiences Selection:  One of the key parts of the new ERAS application is choosing your most meaningful experiences. We provide expert guidance on selecting experiences that not only resonate with your career goals but also stand out to program directors. This is included in the ‘Unlimited Revisions’ and ‘Write From Scratch’ packages.

🌐 Program Signaling and Geographic Preferences: With the recent changes to ERAS, it’s essential to strategize effectively about program signaling and geographic preferences. We help you navigate this complex process, offering insights on how to prioritize programs and locations based on your unique personal ties, preferences, and the strengths of your application.

If you have clear connections or preferences for certain regions, we’ll aid you in effectively expressing these in the ‘Description’ section of your geographic preferences.

For program signaling, we do offer our generalized guidance based on the publicly available information. Additionally, you’ll gain access to our Residency Program Navigator, which can be a valuable resource for choosing or narrowing down programs as part of the ‘Unlimited Revisions’ and the ‘Write From Scratch’ package.

However, it’s important to remember that we won’t be selecting the programs you should signal. Instead, we will equip you with the necessary guidance and tools to help you make informed decisions that best align with your interests, goals, and application strengths.

This is included in the ‘Unlimited Revisions’ and ‘Write From Scratch’ packages.

👨‍💼 Hardship Section Assistance:  Sometimes, life’s obstacles shape our path in medicine. If applicable, we provide sensitive and effective guidance on how to approach and articulate any hardships you have overcome in the hardship section of your ERAS application, demonstrating your resilience and determination in the face of adversity.
This is included in the ‘Unlimited Revisions’ and ‘Write From Scratch’ packages.

Language Revision:  We understand the importance of precise and polished language in conveying your message effectively. Our skilled editors will carefully review your ERAS Application, addressing grammar, syntax, and word choice. We’ll refine your sentences to maintain a professional tone, eliminate redundancies, and enhance the overall clarity and coherence of your writing. Our focus is to help your ideas shine through impeccable language usage.

👨‍🔬 Discussions with the physician advisors: are an incredibly valuable aspect, particularly for those who need more than simple comments on their ERAS Application. There are times when you would like to have a real conversation with the person who’s editing your ERAS Application. You may need to share some unique ideas, voice specific concerns, or perhaps you could use some assistance in selecting the most impactful experiences for your ERAS Application.

Recognizing this need, we’ve included a one hour discussion with your physician advisor in our ‘Unlimited Edits’ package and up to three hours of discussion in our ‘Writing from Scratch’ package. These discussions provide a platform for brainstorming ideas, discussing the edits and comments, and addressing any questions you may have.

It’s not unusual to find yourself torn between two experiences or narratives, unsure about which one carries more weight. This is precisely where your advisor steps in, offering their insight and weighing up the pros and cons of each choice you’re considering for your ERAS Application. Their expert guidance can significantly elevate the quality of your ERAS Application and give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve chosen the best anecdotes and experiences to showcase.

At every step, our goal is to empower you to present the most authentic and impactful version of your journey into medicine, enhancing your chances of securing your preferred residency. The process we provide isn’t just about refining your language, it’s about amplifying your strengths and experiences making it resonate with residency program directors.

The process


Begin by selecting the package that best suits your needs. Whether you’re revising an existing ERAS application or crafting a brand-new one, we have a package tailored for you. Your journey towards a comprehensive ERAS application starts here!


For those revising their ERAS application/CV, submit your draft to us. If you’ve opted for the ‘Write from Scratch’ package, we’ll pair you with an expert editor for a brainstorming session. Either way, this step is all about understanding you, your background, and your experiences better.


Our expert physician advisors will now delve into your ERAS application/CV. They’ll provide detailed feedback on every section of your ERAS application, placing particular emphasis on the selection and description of your experiences. They will also make necessary language and syntax adjustments. In the case of ‘Write from Scratch’, this step involves collaborative drafting and revising sessions to make sure all your experiences stand out (up to a 3-hour discussion).


Review our changes, comments, and questions, then submit a revised document. We’ll repeat the process as many times as your chosen package allows to ensure a well-polished ERAS application. If you’ve chosen the ‘Unlimited Revisions’ package, we also offer a 60-min 1-on-1 discussion with the physician editor to further enhance your CV.

Step 5: FINALIZING YOUR ERAS Application 🎯

We will provide you with a final document containing all the revisions and recommendations. This will be a comprehensive, detailed ERAS application that truly reflects your achievements.

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Asked Questions

How much time does it take to get my ERAS Application ready?

Our turnaround time is 2-4 days. This timeframe is designed to allow our expert advisors the necessary time to dive deep into your ERAS Application and deliver high-quality, detailed revisions. If you sign up for unlimited revisions, the turnaround time is 2-4 days for each revision. If you need an expedited process, you can reach out to us at info@thematchguy.com

How many revisions should I buy?

The number of edits you should purchase largely depends on the current state of your ERAS Application and how much assistance you feel you might need. If you have a draft that you are reasonably confident in, but need some expert eyes to refine language, structure, and offer a professional perspective, then a single revision may suffice.

If you feel that your ERAS Application requires substantial work, or if you’d like assistance from our expert advisors in choosing your most meaningful experiences or geographic preferences or program signaling or hardship, it would be wise to consider the package with unlimited revisions.

The ‘Write from Scratch’ package would be the best choice if you’re unsure about where to start or if you need comprehensive guidance throughout the process including more significant help with choosing your most meaningful experiences or geographic preferences or program signaling or hardship.

Remember, your ERAS Application is a crucial part of your application. Investing in the right package can significantly increase your chances of making a strong impression with your desired residency program. It’s all about choosing the level of support that you believe will benefit you the most.

What is the refund policy?

We unfortunately cannot offer refunds due to the considerable amount of time, effort, and dedication our physician advisors invest in each ERAS application review and editing process. That said, your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not content with the initial feedback and edits, we are more than willing to assign another seasoned advisor to your application. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive and helpful service possible to enhance your ERAS application and boost your chances of matching.

Will you write the ERAS Application for me?

While we provide comprehensive support and guidance, we don’t write the ERAS application for you. This is primarily because the application should genuinely reflect your unique experiences, goals, and individuality. For the sake of authenticity, it is crucial that these aspects originate from you.

That said, if you opt for our ‘Write From Scratch’ package, we’ll take an integral role in helping you construct your ERAS application. This service encompasses in-depth brainstorming sessions with a physician advisor to craft your experiences, providing guidance on how best to present your most impactful experiences and hardships, and performing thorough editing for language, grammar, and structure.

Essentially, we’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring your ERAS application is engaging, well-crafted, and truly reflective of you. But it’s important to remember that the most effective and genuine applications are those that come from the candidates themselves, with our role being to provide guidance, enhancement, and refinement.

Will I be able to talk to my ERAS Application advisor?

Absolutely, direct interaction with your ERAS application advisor is a fundamental part of our service. If you opt for our ‘Unlimited Revisions’ or ‘Help Me Write from Scratch’ packages, we provide dedicated one-on-one discussion time with a physician advisor.

For the ‘Unlimited Revisions’ package, we provide a one-hour discussion with a physician advisor. For those choosing the ‘Help Me Write from Scratch’ package, we provide even more extensive discussion time – up to three hours.

How will you help me with selection of my meaningful experiences?

Upon receiving your ERAS application draft, our advisors will carefully review your experiences (up to 15 experiences) with you during the 1-1 advising hours (1 hour for the unlimited revisions and 3 hours for the write from scratch package).

Our guidance is largely informed by what we believe would resonate with program directors, and we use that perspective to help you narrow down your experiences to the maximum number allowed by ERAS, which is currently 10. This careful selection process ensures that each chosen experience adds value to your application and aligns with your aspirations and goals.

The selection doesn’t stop there. Among these ten, we’ll work with you to identify the top three experiences that we believe would be the most impactful to program directors. These “most meaningful experiences” are your opportunities to truly shine as an applicant, highlighting your unique skills, contributions, and growth.

While our advisors will provide guidance and professional insights on impactful experiences, the final selection of the 10 experiences for your ERAS application and the 3 most meaningful ones will be your decision. Through our advising sessions included in the ‘Unlimited Edits’ and ‘Write From Scratch’ packages, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each experience, empowering you to make informed decisions. This approach ensures that your application, while benefiting from professional expertise, remains a genuine representation of your personal journey.

How will you help me with program signaling or geographic preferences?

For Geographic Preferences, we can guide you on the strategic selection of geographic areas based on your personal ties, preferences, and the strengths of your application. If you have clear connections or preferences for certain regions, we’ll aid you in effectively expressing these in the ‘Description’ section of your geographic preferences. Similarly, we will help you make an informed decision about specifying rural vs. urban settings, based on your application and aspirations.

When it comes to Program Signaling, our role is to help you assess your selected programs in relation to your application competitiveness and your preferences. Our advisors will strategize with you, evaluating wether these programs will help you achieve your career goals and assess how competitive the programs you’re interested in are, compared to how competitive your application is.

While we can’t provide detailed insights on every program’s selection criteria (as such information is generally not publicly shared), we do offer our generalized guidance based on the publicly available information. Additionally, you’ll gain access to our IMG list, which can be a valuable resource for choosing or narrowing down programs as part of the ‘Unlimited Revisions’ and the ‘Wrtie From Scratch’ package.

However, it’s important to remember that we won’t be selecting the programs you should signal. Instead, we will equip you with the necessary guidance and tools to help you make informed decisions that best align with your interests, goals, and application strengths.

Who will be editing my ERAS Application?

Your ERAS Application will be edited by a skilled physician advisor who has substantial experience in both medicine and editing. This unique combination of expertise enables them to not only polish the language and structure of your ERAS Application but also provide valuable content guidance on the experiences section and the selection of your most meaningful experiences.

They understand the intricacies of medical residency applications and what program directors look for in a strong ERAS CV, ensuring that it effectively highlights your unique journey, skills, and aspirations in medicine.

What is the Residency Program Navigator?

The Residency Program Navigator is an extensive resource that provides in-depth information about residency programs. It includes essential details such as the number and percentage of IMGs in each program, cutoff scores, year of graduation (YOG), visa requirements, location, USCE required, and more. This valuable guide assists applicants in selecting programs that align well with their individual applications and goals.

Currently, the Residency Program Navigator is available for the following specialties: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Pathology, and Neurology. We will keep expanding the list to include all specialties.

Does the ERAS CV editing include personal statement editing and interview preparation?

The ERAS CV editing does not include personal statement editing or interview preparation. Please consider our Match Application Packages if you would like to bundle ERAS CV editing with personal statement editing, interview preparation, and residency advising. We also provide specific packages exclusively for personal statement editing.



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