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After you register for our service, we will ask you to fill out a short form to pair you with the best tutor.
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Your tutor will contact you via email or your preferred method of communication to set up a time for your first session.
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If you have any follow-up questions after your initial session, we will answer one email for free as part of this package (maximum email length of 100 words). If you’re happy, you can sign up for a larger package to get a discounted hourly rate if you have not already done so.

What does MCAT Tutoring include?

MCAT tutoring is personalized and tailored to your specific needs and goals.
We will guide you through any questions regarding the following:

How to best study for the MCAT

Personalized timeline and study plan

Study and test taking strategies

Tutoring of specific subjects of concepts

Guidance will be tailored to your target score, preparation time, and medical school goal.

Choose The Package That Best Fits
Your Needs

1 Hour
MCAT Tutoring

✔ Guidance related to all aspects of the MCAT

✔ Subject-specific tutoring

✔ Up to 1 follow-up email

✔ 1 hour

✔ All tutors have 520+


5 Hour
MCAT Tutoring

✔ Guidance related to all aspects of the MCAT

✔ Subject-specific tutoring

✔ Up to 5 follow-up email

✔ 5 hours

✔ All tutors have 520+


10 Hour
MCAT Tutoring

✔ Guidance related to all aspects of the MCAT

✔ Subject-specific tutoring

✔ Up to 10 follow-up email

✔ 10 hours

✔ All tutors have 520+


Our Application

Match Application Package

✔ 1 Edit of Your Personal Statement

✔ 1 Edit of Your ERAS CV

✔ 1 Hour of Interview Preparation

✔ 20 Minutes of Residency Advising

Match Application Package

✔ 2 Edits of Your Personal Statement

✔ 2 Edits of Your ERAS CV

✔ 4 Hours of Interview Preparation

✔ 30 Minutes of Residency Advising

Match Application Package

✔ Unlimited Edits of Your Personal Statement

✔ Unlimited Edits of Your ERAS CV

✔ 5 Hours of Interview Preparation

✔ 5 Hours of Residency Advising

✔ 1-Month | Research Course

✔ Match Guarantee*

*If you are unfortunate not to match this year, we will edit your CV and PS until you match!

Why Us?

Each of our tutors scored a 520+ on the MCAT and are all at top medical schools including Hopkins, Penn, and Harvard. In addition to being medical students well acquainted with the exam, all our tutors have extensive teaching experience with students of all levels. Our team has more than enough resources to provide you with a study plan, study guidance, and testing strategies. We are also proud to offer prices an average of 30-40% lower than our competition with even more experienced tutors.

What Applicants Who We

Leave your message here and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.Leave your message here and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Malke is an exceptional mentor and overall person. The work that he put into revising my personal statement was meaningful and deliberate with each new draft. From brainstorming to the final version, his services really helped me pull out my story and highlight my strengths. I will be purchasing his interview package during this upcoming cycle. Highly recommend!


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Asked Questions

How is the tutoring session conducted?

All sessions are conducted on ZOOM.

Do you offer more preparation hours?

Yes, we offer up to 50 hours of MCAT tutoring. If you are interested in more than 10 hours, please reach out to us at info@thematchguy.com and we will create a custom package for you.

What does the MCAT tutoring hour include?

The session can be tailored to your needs and will include a personalized timeline and study plan, study and test-taking strategies, and subject-specific tutoring for any MCAT-related topic.

Still Have a Question?

If You Cannot Find Answers To Your Question In Our FAQ, You Can Contact Us On info@thematchguy.com


Do You Offer A Free Trial

Yes. In Fact, We Go One Step Further. You May Use Our Graphic Assets Without Payment For Personal Or Commercial Purposes But Only On The Condition That You Include A Link To Icons8 In Your Work. Please Note That Free Assets Do Come With Limitations Such As Smaller Sizes, Select File Types, And Variety.

Do You Offer Team Managment

Yes. We Are More Than Happy To Empower Your Team With Icons8 Resources. Adding, Removing, And Managing Services For Your Team Members Is Easy. Sign Up, And A Team Section Will Be Available On Your Account Page. If You Have Any Additional Questions, Just Ask!

More Info In Our FAQ;

Still Have a Question?

Purchasing Each Asset’s Specific Plan (Icons, Songs, Photos, Or Illustrations) Unlocks All Options And Removes The Attribution Requirement. Alternatively, You Can Purchase The Full Set Plan To Receive All Assets And Use Them Without Crediting Us. Please Make Sure You’ve Read Our Licensing Agreement Before Purchasing.

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Yes. We Are Happy To Help Teachers And Students. Chat With Us To Get Started.

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