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Research Course

This in-depth course will teach you how to take a research project from idea to publication.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

 This course is designed to help you learn about systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and take your research project from an idea to publication,.

How to find Research Positions

This course will Show You how to find research positions in the US!

USMLE Biostatistics

This course will teach you the high yield biostatistical concepts tested on USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK, and STEP 3

Medical Statistics

This course will teach you how to independently do your own statistical analysis for research projects and understand statistics used in the medical literature.

Step 3 CCS

This interactive course teaches you how to solve real CCS cases of the USMLE STEP3 exam.

Our Clients LOVE Us!

Dr Asaad and his team helped me with my Personal Statement. During each interview with the different hospitals, all of the Program Directors mentioned how amazing my PS was. Totally worth it!!


The research course was undeniably comprehensive and interesting to learn .I am so glad and grateful to Dr.Malke Asaad for designing such an amazing course for research aspirants!

Amraha Zubair

Meet the Team

Malke Asaad, MD

Plastic Surgery Resident 
University of Pittsburgh 

Aashish Rajesh, MBBS

General Surgery Resident 
UT – San Antonio

Louis Saade, MD

Rheumatology Fellow
University of Pittsburgh

Hussam Abou-Al-Shaar, MD

Neurosurgery Resident
University of Pittsburgh

Firas Bahdi, MD

GI Fellow


Ethan Plotsker, BA

Medical Student
University of Miami

Roupen Odabashian, MD

Internal Medicine Resident
University of Ottawa

Marinos Sotiropoulos, MD

Neurology Resident

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Best Electives in the US | A list of Electives and US Clinical Experience for IMGs!

One requirement for all electives is to be a student at the time of doing the elective (you should do the elective before graduation 🎓). Another thing to keep in mind is that processing time ⏳ for electives can take months 📆 in some institutions.

STEP3 Study Materials: How to Study for STEP3? 267 USMLE STEP3 Experience

Choosing the right STEP 3 study materials can be challenging! In this post, I will discuss how to study for STEP 3 based on my 267 experience on the USMLE STEP 3 exam.

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