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What Does Residency Personal Statement Editing Include?

Physician Advisor

A physician and native English speaker with exceptional expertise in revising residency personal statements.

Structure Changes

By establishing smooth transitions, rearranging paragraphs, and advising on removing redundant details, we enhance the storytelling flow of your personal statement.

Language Revision

By refining grammar, syntax, and word choice, we elevate the quality of your writing.

Content Guidance

We provide significant detailed comments to ensure no important details are overlooked.

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We are super confident in our services and are willing to back it with a 100% money back guarantee! #RiskFREE

Our Residency Personal Statement Editing Packages

Unlimited Revisions

What's included

$899 USD

2 Revisions

What's included

$499 USD

1 Revision

What's included

$299 USD

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$1199 USD

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& Signing up to the Match Application  Package?


Match Application Package

What's included

$3500 USD


Match Application Package

What's included

$1999 USD


Match Application Package

What's included

$999 USD

* Gain UNLIMITED access to a residency match advisor (matched resident in the U.S.) for up to 6 months via WhatsApp, text, or email for personalized, constant guidance throughout your application process.

** The Residency Program Navigator is a comprehensive guide with detailed information about residency programs (# of IMGs, cutoff scores, YOG, VISA, etc), aiding applicants in selecting programs best suited to their application

+ Includes letter of recommendation templates, letter of interest templates, letter of intent templates, post-Match Guide, access to our Match Guide

~ For your course access, you have these options to pick from: The Comprehensive Research Course, the Statistics Course, the ‘How to Find Research Positions’ Course, the Biostatistics Course, the STEP 3 CCS course, and the ‘How to Study for Exams’ course!

# If you don’t secure a residency spot this year, rest assured, we’ll continue to provide edits for your CV and Personal Statement until you successfully match! Please note, it doesn’t cover repeating interview preparation or advising hours (if these were already used), and it does not guarantee a residency spot in the U.S.

These packages can be customized to fit your needs. For any questions about customizing the match application packages, please schedule a free session HERE.
You may be wondering,
“Do I really need to have my Residency personal statement edited?

Can't I just rely on feedback from friends and family?"🤔

👉 While it can be helpful to seek input from loved ones, it’s important to recognize that they may not possess the same level of expertise and insight as a professional physician advisor and editor. We’ve encountered numerous cases where students initially had their personal statements edited by friends or family who claimed to be experts, only to find themselves unmatched. However, when they turned to us for professional editing, the remarkable changes we made impressed both the students and program directors during interviews. This highlights the necessity of having a dedicated physician advisor by your side.

👨‍🔬 At our service, we hold our personal statement editors to exceptionally high standards. We carefully select less than 5% of applicants to become editors, ensuring that you receive the utmost quality and precision. Our editors are not only native English speakers but also physician advisors with extensive experience in personal statement editing. To maintain consistency and excellence, each personal statement undergoes evaluation by two physician advisors, guaranteeing consensus on comments, flow, and structure.

💰 Consider the significance of your residency match. Is it worth risking your chances for the sake of a few hundred dollars? Keep in mind that not matching can result in a substantial financial setback, with potential losses ranging from $200,000 to $500,000 due to delays in starting your attending salary. Understanding the gravity of this decision, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our personal statement editing. If you’re not satisfied with the initial edit, we’ll either assign another skilled physician editor or provide a full refund.

🤔 So why wait? Let us help transform your personal statement and maximize your chances of MATCHING today!

What are the Main Problems We Find in Most
Residency Personal Statements?

❗❗ Many students mistakenly believe that the main issue with their personal statement lies solely in the language. Consequently, they turn to family and friends for help in improving the language and grammar aspect. However, through our extensive experience in personal statement editing, we’ve discovered that the majority of statements lack appropriate content that effectively showcases their unique qualities and lacks a captivating, cohesive storyline.

🤩 Your personal statement is crucial to setting yourself apart from other applicants. It’s your opportunity to go beyond test scores, tell your story and connect with program directors on a more personal level.

👨‍💼 This is why our personal statement editing goes beyond mere surface-level changes. We strive to enhance not only the language but also the content, flow, structure, and overall impact of your statement. We don’t just change a few words here and there.

🎯 Our goal is to transform your personal story and make it shine. We want to ensure that you effectively communicate your achievements, experiences, and who you are as an individual.

More Insight into Our Residency Personal Statement Editing 📝

🏗 Structural Changes: ensure that your personal statement has a well-organized and coherent flow.

We provide detailed recommendations to help you arrange your ideas, adjust the order of paragraphs, align stories with the timeline of your experiences, and create a smooth flow that keeps the reader engaged. We’ll also ensure that each section seamlessly connects to the preceding and subsequent paragraphs to present a compelling narrative. It’s important to note that we won’t add content that isn’t already present, but we will help refine and improve what you have. If your personal statement lacks certain ideas or content that will help improve the flow, we will provide you with detailed suggestions on how to develop and incorporate them effectively.

By enhancing the overall structure, we create a compelling narrative that captivates the reader from beginning to end. A clear and logical structure helps convey your ideas effectively, making your personal statement more engaging and memorable.

⌛ Language Revision: We understand the importance of precise and polished language in conveying your message effectively. Our skilled editors will carefully review your personal statement, addressing grammar, syntax, and word choice. We’ll refine your sentences to maintain a professional tone, eliminate redundancies, and enhance the overall clarity and coherence of your writing. Our focus is to help your ideas shine through impeccable language usage.

📝 Content Guidance: is a crucial aspect of showcasing your unique qualities and experiences in your personal statement. Through our extensive experience in editing personal statements, we have found that many medical students require the most help in this area. The content of your personal statement serves as the foundation for an exceptional statement. While language improvement is important, it is not enough if the content is lacking.

It’s common for students to overlook crucial elements in their personal statements, such as expressing their genuine interest in the specialty or effectively demonstrating why they are an ideal fit for the program. While some may believe their personal statement looks impressive, it’s important to consider the perspectives of program directors and our experienced advisors who have extensively reviewed numerous personal statements. They possess the insights and expertise needed to identify what truly matters in a personal statement and ensure its effectiveness in the residency selection process.

Content guidance is why our personal statement editors are physician advisors. Having gone through the residency application process themselves and having evaluated personal statements as part of resident selection committees, our physician advisors have an insider’s understanding of what makes an excellent personal statement.

Our content guidance is delivered through detailed comments and examples directly on your personal statement document. If the content is already present, we will work diligently to enhance it and prepare it for submission. However, if certain content is missing, such as the applicant’s interest in a specific specialty or why they should be chosen by a program, we cannot add it on your behalf. Instead, we provide you with detailed comments and comprehensive feedback on how to incorporate the missing content. If you sign up for 2 or unlimited revisions, we revise these sections after you make the necessary changes.

By signing up for multiple revisions, you allow us to provide ongoing insights and ensure the correct implementation of the changes we recommended. We are committed to helping you create a standout personal statement that effectively communicates your passion, goals, and suitability for your desired residency program.

👨‍🔬 Discussions with the physician advisors: are an incredibly valuable aspect, particularly for those who need more than simple comments on their personal statement. There are times when you would like to have a real conversation with the person who’s editing your personal statement. You may need to share some unique ideas, voice specific concerns, or perhaps you could use some assistance in selecting the most impactful stories for your personal statement.

Recognizing this need, we’ve included a 30-minute discussion with your physician advisor in our ‘Unlimited Edits’ package and up to three hours of discussion in our ‘Writing from Scratch’ package These discussions provide a platform for brainstorming ideas, discussing the edits and comments, and addressing any questions you may have.

It’s not unusual to find yourself torn between two narratives, unsure about which one carries more weight. This is precisely where your advisor steps in, offering their insight and weighing up the pros and cons of each choice you’re considering for your personal statement. Their expert guidance can significantly elevate the quality of your personal statement and give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve chosen the best anecdotes and experiences to showcase.

Together, these elements work harmoniously to create a compelling and well-crafted personal statement. The process we provide isn’t just about refining your language, it’s about amplifying your personal voice and making it resonate with residency program directors. Our aim is to increase your chances of not only gaining attention, but leaving a deep, lasting impression that sets you apart from other candidates.

In this journey, you are not alone. We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring that your personal statement becomes a testament to your achievements, aspirations, and the unique value you bring to the residency program of your choice.

The process


Begin by selecting the package that best suits your needs. Whether you’re revising an existing personal statement or crafting a brand-new one, we have a package tailored for you. Your journey towards a compelling personal statement starts here!


For those revising their personal statements, submit your draft to us. If you’ve opted for the ‘Write from Scratch’ package, we’ll pair you with an expert editor for a brainstorming session. Either way, this step is all about understanding you, your background, and your aspirations better.


Our expert physician advisors will now delve into your personal statement. They’ll make necessary language and structure adjustments and provide detailed feedback on content. In the case of ‘Write from Scratch’, this step involves collaborative drafting and revising sessions to refine your content.


Review our changes, comments, and questions, then submit a revised document. We’ll repeat the process as many times as your chosen package allows to ensure a well-polished personal statement. If you’ve chosen the ‘Unlimited Revisions’ package, we also offer a 30-minute 1-on-1 discussion with the physician editor to further enhance your statement.


We will provide you with a final document containing all the revisions and recommendations. This will be a comprehensive, compelling personal statement that truly reflects your potential.

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Asked Questions

How much time does it take to get my residency personal statement ready?

Our turnaround time is 2-4 days. This timeframe is designed to allow our expert advisors the necessary time to dive deep into your personal statement and deliver high-quality, detailed revisions. If you sign up for 2 or unlimited revisions, the turnaround time is 2-4 days for each revision. If you need an expedited process, you can reach out to us at info@thematchguy.com

How many revisions should I buy?

The number of edits you should purchase largely depends on the current state of your residency personal statement and how much assistance you feel you might need.

If you have a draft that you are reasonably confident in, but need some expert eyes to refine language, structure, and offer a professional perspective, then a single revision may suffice.

If you feel that your residency personal statement requires substantial work, or if you’d like the benefit of a collaborative process with ongoing advice, it would be wise to consider the package with two revisions or even unlimited revisions.

The ‘Write from Scratch’ package would be the best choice if you’re unsure about where to start or if you need comprehensive guidance throughout the process.

Remember, your residency personal statement is a crucial part of your application. Investing in the right package can significantly increase your chances of making a strong impression with your desired residency program. It’s all about choosing the level of support that you believe will benefit you the most.

Will you write the personal statement for me?

While we offer extensive support and guidance, we don’t write the personal statement for you. This is primarily because the residency personal statement is intended to be a genuine reflection of your experiences, aspirations, and personality. It is important that these elements come directly from you for authenticity.

However, if you opt for our ‘Write From Scratch’ package, we will be heavily involved in helping you construct your personal statement. This includes brainstorming sessions with an expert editor to generate ideas and strategize, developing the narrative structure, guiding on how best to showcase your impactful experiences, and meticulous editing for language, grammar, and structure.

In essence, we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your personal statement is compelling, well-crafted, and truly reflective of you. But we do believe that the most effective and genuine personal statements originate from the candidates themselves, with our role being one of guidance, enhancement, and refinement.

Will I be able to talk to a residency personal statement advisor?

Yes, indeed! One of the core elements of our service is the direct interaction you’ll have with a residency personal statement advisor. For those choosing our ‘Unlimited Revisions’ or ‘Write From Scratch’ packages, we offer dedicated 1-on-1 discussion time with a physician editor.

For those opting for our ‘Unlimited Revisions’ package, we offer a 30-minute discussion with a physician editor. This allows you to directly interact with the expert who is working on your personal statement, helping to clarify any doubts and guide the editing process according to your unique needs.

For those who choose the ‘Write From Scratch’ package, we offer even more extensive interaction time – up to 3 hours. This time is divided between an initial consultation (about 1 hour) to understand your background and goals, and further collaborative brainstorming sessions (up to 2 hours) to generate ideas and structure your residency personal statement.

These dedicated discussion times ensure a high degree of personalization in our service, allowing the advisor to gain a deep understanding of your experiences and aspirations, which ultimately leads to a more compelling and personalized personal statement.

Is it possible to receive a refund if the work does not meet my expectations?

We fully appreciate the significance of the residency personal statement in your residency application and the trust you place in us to help perfect it. For this reason, we back our personal statement editing service with a 100% money-back guarantee.

In the event that you’re not completely satisfied with the initial edit, we are committed to making it right. We will either assign a different highly qualified physician editor to review and enhance your personal statement, or if you’d prefer, we will provide a full refund.

However, if you proceed with a second edit, it signifies your acceptance of the revised work, and hence, your eligibility to request a refund will no longer be applicable. We encourage open communication and feedback after the first edit to ensure we’re aligned with your expectations before proceeding further.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our ‘Unlimited Revisions’ and ‘Write From Scratch’ packages, meaning we will continue editing your personal statement until you are fully satisfied with the work.

If I am applying to two different specialties and require personal statements for both, will I have to pay full price for each statement?

Each specialty you’re applying to is treated as a unique assignment. This is because every specialty requires a distinct focus, highlighting your unique experiences, motivations, and skills that are relevant to that particular field.

Therefore, if you’re applying to two different specialties and require personal statements for both, this would typically be processed as two separate services. However, we understand the financial considerations and would like to support your aspirations. Therefore, we’re pleased to offer a special discount on the second personal statement. We recommend reaching out to us directly at info@thematchguy.com for more information and to take advantage of this discount.

Who will be editing the personal statement?

Your residency personal statement will be edited by a skilled physician advisor who has substantial experience in both medicine and editing. This unique combination of expertise enables them to not only polish the language and structure of your personal statement but also provide valuable content guidance. They understand the intricacies of medical residency applications and what program directors look for in a strong residency personal statement, ensuring that your document effectively highlights your unique journey, skills, and aspirations in medicine.

Does the residency personal statement editing include ERAS CV editing and interview preparation?

The personal statement editing does not include ERAS CV editing or interview preparation. Please consider our Match Application Packages if you would like to bundle personal statement editing with ERAS CV editing, interview preparation, and residency advising. We also provide specific packages exclusively for ERAS CV editing.



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