General surgery rotation USCE for IMGs in New York City!

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Embark on a General Surgery rotation in New York City, working alongside nine surgeons, each specializing in various aspects of General Surgery. The president of this esteemed group boasts an impressive background, having served as the Past President of the Hellenic Medical Society of New York, President of Surgical Specialists of NY LLP, Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine, and Chief of General Surgery for Ambulatory and Outpatient Services at Lenox Hill and MEETH Hospitals.

The group is deeply involved in clinical trials, genetic testing, survivorship, and community outreach initiatives. Throughout the rotation, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the surgical field, honing their clinical skills and learning about the potential risks and benefits of surgical interventions. Training will encompass effective communication with patients and families, as well as mastery of surgical techniques such as suturing and knot tying.

For those interested in bariatric surgery, there will be opportunities to work alongside top bariatric surgeons, assisting with interventions for patients seeking weight management and reduction.

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Responsibilities and expectations:

Responsibilities during the rotation include shadowing the surgeons in the operating room, participating in patient consultations, assisting with medical histories, physical exams, and engaging in discussions about patient management plans. With proper consent and supervision, students may also conduct patient examinations. Students will spend time both in the operating room and the clinic.

Setting: Private practice.

Specialties students will interact with during the rotation: general surgery, breast surgery, bariatric surgery and colorectal surgery

Upon successful completion of the rotation, students are expected to obtain two letters of recommendation, which will be issued on an official letterhead.


Requirements include proficiency in English and clinical skills, submission of a CV for evaluation, and up-to-date immunizations including Hepatitis B, Tdap, COVID-19, MMR, and flu vaccines.

Regarding visas, students will receive documentation confirming their participation in the rotation, which can be presented to the embassy. However, securing a visa is the sole responsibility of the student, and the program does not provide assistance in this regard.

Please note that fees are non-refundable, except in cases where the student provides notice of withdrawal at least 60 days prior to the rotation start date, in which case a 50% refund will be processed. For inquiries prior to registration, please contact info@thematchguy.com.

Availability: Available for 2 students a month.

Rotations commence on Mondays and last for four weeks.

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