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Internal Medicine Resident/ The Cleveland Clinic

Chief Neurosurgery Resident/ University of Pittsburgh


Former A. Program Director/ MedStar Georgetown

Douglas Duffee

Internal Medicine Residency Program Director

Joseph Sleiman

PGY6 Gastroenterology Fellow /University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Majd El-Harasis

Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellow/ Vanderbilt University


Asked Questions

I am interested in doing residency in the US but not sure where to start. What should I do?

We recommend you sign up for our residency advising session which will go over everything you need to know to match into residency in the US. You can check it out here.

I need help with my STEP 1/STEP 2 CK. Where can I sign up?

We can help you formulate a study plan/schedule, choose the best resources, and provide one-on-one subject specific tutoring. Check out all our USMLE tutoring options here

How can I get my personal statement edited?

After you sign up for the service, you can send us your personal statement and we will start working on it. More information about our personal statement editing here

How can I get my CV edited?

After you sign up for the service, you can send us your CV and we will start working on it. More information about our CV editing here

Can I get a discount if I buy personal statement and CV together?

Yes, you can get a discount if you buy more than one Match-related product. You can check all available Match Application packages here

Can I get a refund?

If the service is completed, no refunds will be issued. We recommend you refer to the individual service page for more information.

Can you help me find a Research Position in the United States?

We have a detailed course and live webinar that will teach you the details on how to find research positions in the US. You can sign up here
We can also advise you on how to find research positions during a research advising session. You can sign up here.

Can you help me publish papers?

We have a Comprehensive Research Course that will help you get started with research and teach you the steps to take a research project from idea to publication. You can check that out here. If you need personalized advice and guidance during your research time, please check out our one-on-one Research Advising service.
If you need help with your research project, please check out our one-on-one research tutoring program here.

I am not from a strong program in the US but looking to match into a competitive fellowship. Can you help me?

We have a great team of experienced fellows who will give you tailored detailed advice on how to match into fellowship in the US. Check out this service here

I finished residency in my home country and want to pursue fellowship/jobs in the US?

To receive a comprehensive guidance on how to match into fellowship in the US or how to find jobs without doing residency in the US, check out our fellowship advising service here.

Do you offer any electives or US Clinical Experience?

We do offer US clinical experience for IMGs. Check more information here.

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