The STEP 3 CCS Course
A comprehensive guide to mastering the CCS part of the USMLE STEP 3 exam!
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The Step3 CCS Course?
Navigate the CCS part of the STEP 3 exam

You will effectively learn the thought process for solving the CCS cases by simulating real patient presentations, physical examination, diagnostics, and management options for six common CCS cases.

Recorded Video Lectures

Learn at your own pace how to master the CCS cases using six interactive cases and a final lesson discussing high-yield concepts of 12 common CCS cases.

Get familiar with the exam platform

As with any standardized test, it’s important to understand the platform and its components so that you are familiar with it during the actual exam. All cases are recorded using the exam platform.

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Step 3 CCS Course


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Interactive cases
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Step 3 CCS + Biostatistics USMLE  Course 


What is included

Full access to the Step 3 CCS and Biostatistics Course
6 months subscription
Interactive cases
Bi-monthly live webinars
Discussion dashboard access
✓ Quizzes and exercises
✓ Abstract Lesson

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The course currently contains interactive demonstrations of six CCS cases and a final lesson discussing high-yield concepts of 12 common CCS cases.

For the full detailed course curriculum, click the download arrow.
Lesson 1: Course Introduction and Case 1 - Discussing a Patient with Asthma

This lesson will go over the testing platform and discuss the management of a patient presenting with asthma including the physical exam, diagnostic testing, required imaging, treatment options, counseling, and monitoring.

Lesson 2: Case 2 - Discussing Tension Pneumothorax

This lesson will go over a unique case presentation in which you reverse the order of certain management options. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the management of acute life-threatening conditions such as tension pneumothorax. I will also show you how the software will respond if you manage the case incorrectly

Lesson 3: Case 3 - Discussing Diabetic Ketoacidosis

This lesson goes over a case of diabetic ketoacidosis. After watching this case, you will notice that there are several diagnostic tests, monitoring protocols, and treatment options that you need to order. It is good to practice with the software and feel comfortable with cases that have many orders.

Lesson 4: Case 4 - Discussing Eclampsia

This lesson goes over an OB-GYN case of eclampsia including a physical exam, diagnostic testing, imaging, treatment options, counseling, and monitoring. I also repeat the same case while putting in the orders efficiently as if I was taking the real exam.

Lesson 5: Case 5 - Discussing Rheumatoid Arthritis

This lesson goes over a case of rheumatoid arthritis including a physical exam, diagnostic testing, imaging, treatment options, counseling, and monitoring. I will also show you how the software will respond if you manage this specific case incorrectly.

Lesson 6: Case 6 - Discussing Aortic Dissection

This lesson goes over a case of aortic dissection and a simulation of how the software responds when you take the wrong management route. I also repeat the same case putting the orders efficiently as if taking the real exam.

Lesson 7: STEP 3 CCS Crash Lesson

This lesson goes over high-yield concepts related to the diagnosis and management of 12 common CCS cases that you might encounter on your exam. Included cases are acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, renal failure, unconscious patient, anemia, thyroid disease, pneumonia, lower GI bleeding, upper GI bleeding, trauma, child abuse, and appendicitis/cholecystitis.

Course Instructor.

Dr. Malke Asaad is a plastic surgery resident at the University of Pittsburgh. He graduated from medical school in Syria before pursuing clinical research fellowships at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and then at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center. He has extensive experience with USMLE tutoring and has recorded multiple courses and lectures for USMLE aspirants

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Leave your message here and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.Leave your message here and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Highly recommend thematchguy group. I had couple of sessions of CCS practice with this team and it was absolutely amazing. They went over the step by step approach to CCS cases and then applied those to the real cases and walked me through the cases. They are always very responsive to your needs, and address your questions thoroughly and precisely. Starting off practicing ccs cases on my own, I found it very confusing, but I felt very confident being trained by this team. Thanks thematchguy for your great work!

Rana Riahi

The Step 3 CCS Cases Course is an excellent balance of both comprehensive and concise. Loved the examples and can’t wait for everyone else to enjoy this !!



Excellent, very helpful. I enjoyed them. Waiting for more cases.
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Asked Questions

Why Would You Need This Course?

Unlike multiple choice questions (MCQs), the CCS part of the STEP3 exam is interactive and you need to perform a certain set of diagnostic tests, physical examination, treatment options, and monitoring in a specific order and in a timely manner. Therefore, just “READING” how to solve different cases might not be sufficient. Current studying resources have the management plan and approach WRITTEN, but they do not teach you how you should actually solve these cases. In this course, I show you how to approach each case as if solving it in the real exam setting, using the exam platform and explaining each step of the process. I also share all the tips and tricks that are needed to master the CCS cases of the STEP 3 exam.

Do You Offer Refunds?

If you feel that the course is not helping you, We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our courses.

Refund Policy: We will give you a full refund if you cancel within 3 days / 72 hours of receiving course access and have completed less than 20% of the course.

Do You Offer One-On-One STEP 3 Tutoring?

Yes. Get one-on-one individualized STEP3 tutoring with tutors who just went through the exam process. The session can be tailored to your needs and will include a personalized timeline and study plan, study and test-taking strategies, and subject-specific tutoring for any USMLE-related topic.

During this hour, we will evaluate how you approach the CCS cases. We will assess how you are solving the CCS cases and provide real-time feedback by having you share your screen using zoom or other similar platform. You can also get one-on-one tutoring for the MCQ part, a study plan, and study strategies for the STEP 3 exam. Each session is one hour long. If you would like more than one hour, you can choose the number of hours before proceeding to check out. If you are interested in one-on-one tutoring, please schedule a tutoring session here.

What Does This Course Not Help You With?

This STEP 3 CCS course will help you familiarize yourself with the platform and the best approaches to solving both acute and chronic CCS cases. This course is not designed to be the sole studying resource for the management of different disease presentations that show up on your STEP3 exam. If you have the time, we recommend using this course along with a question bank, such as UWorld, to build the clinical knowledge required for solving the different clinical scenarios. Some students who have a very strong clinical knowledge foundation might not need to study from a question bank. For example, one of the cases in this course is a patient presenting with asthma. In the course, I will go over the management of the case based on the patient’s presentation. However, the course will not go into the details of the asthma management algorithm.

How to Use This Course with Other Study Resources?

To get the most out of this course, I recommend watching the videos before you start preparing for the CCS cases from other resources. After each video, use the exam platform, which you can download here, to do the case on your own and see what you missed by watching the video again one more time. Then you can go to the next case until you finish the 6 cases. Finally, watch the last video before you start using other resources, such as UWorld STEP3. Additionally, you can always come back to the course videos after reading the other resources.


Do You Have a Sample of This Course for Free?

Yes. There is a free YouTube video I made with one case simulation here. The course will be similar to the mock case practice shown between 18:55 to 42:20.


Why Is This Course Only 3 Hours?

As a surgical resident myself, I know firsthand how valuable your time is. Thus, I made sure to provide you with a concise course that can give you all you need to know without unnecessary repetition.

Why Did I Create This Course?

I just went through the STEP3 preparation process, and I found a gap in the amount of information regarding the CCS cases and how to actually solve the case rather than just reading about it. As USMLE applicants, we have used the MCQ style during our USMLE STEP1 and STEP2CK preparation. However, we were never presented with an interactive platform similar to the Primum software of the CCS cases. For this reason, I built this course to help future STEP3 applicants crush this exam and get the highest score they can get.



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