New Accreditation Policy will begin in 2024

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New Accreditation Policy will begin in 2024

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ECFMG wants to make sure that medical schools are accredited by a recognized agency.

What does that mean?

It means that your school has to be accredited by an agency recognized by either WFME or NCFMEA.

WFME or NCFMEA will not provide accreditation for medical schools themselves. On the other hand, they will grant ‘Recognition Status’ to individual accrediting agencies in your country that will accredit your medical school.

How much does it cost for an agency to become accredited by WFME?

There is a non-refundable application fee of $1,000. The fee for the full process of recognition is $60,000 (inclusive of the $1,000 assessment fee) plus paying for the travel and accommodation of WFME recognition team members.

When will this process begin?

2024 with no specific dates as for now.

What does this mean for me as a medical student?

The status of your school will be reported on the World Directory of Medical Schools in addition to your ECFMG status report. Since the majority of schools are not yet accredited, this will not have a significant impact for those applying to match 2024 or match 2025.

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Will I still be able to apply for USMLE exams and the Match?

Yes. According to ECFMG ‘The initial implementation will not affect your eligibility for ECFMG Certification’.

Where can I find more resources?

You can check out the ECFMG, WFME and NCFMEA websites for more info.

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