5 Best Medical Statistics Courses for Medical Students & Graduates

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5 Best Medical Statistics Courses for
Medical Students & Graduates

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In the evolving landscape of medical education, especially with pass/fail grading systems becoming more common for med school courses and USMLE exams, gaining a competitive edge for residency placements has never been more crucial. For medical students and international medical graduates, engaging in research positions emerges as a strategic avenue to enhance their curriculum vitae, secure impactful publications, and forge meaningful professional relationships. For all of these reasons, mastering biostatistics is a key skill for this journey, enabling you to contribute significantly to research projects, interpret complex datasets accurately, and generate findings that can lead to high-quality publications. These accomplishments not only bolster your CV but also provide a solid foundation for obtaining strong letters of recommendation, ultimately enhancing your residency application in a highly competitive field. Below we highlight six online courses to provide you with a strong foundation in biostatics.

Oxford University Essential Medical Statistics

Oxford University’s Essential Medical Statistics course is a comprehensive online offering designed to equip healthcare professionals and students with crucial statistical knowledge and skills for medical research. This course emphasizes practical application over theoretical concepts, making it ideal for those looking to enhance their understanding and interpretation of medical research data.

https://www.conted.ox.ac. k/courses/essential medical statistics#programme_deta ls_container


  • Module is run over an eight-week cycle
  • Interactive and practical learning approach
  • Focuses on logistic regression, Cox regression, survival analysis, and more
  • Suitable for those with some research experience and a basic understanding of statistics


  • Starts from ~$2500
  • Discounts are available if you are an employee of Oxford University

Summary: Essential Medical Statistics from Oxford University stands out for its focus on real-life application, covering advanced statistical methods tailored for healthcare research. It’s an investment in enhancing one’s ability to analyze and interpret complex datasets, crucial for contributing to evidence-based medical practices.

Johns Hopkins University Biostatistics in Public Health

Johns Hopkins University’s Biostatistics in Public Health Specialization on Coursera offers an in-depth exploration into the field of biostatistics within the context of public health. This program is designed to provide learners with the statistical tools and data analysis techniques necessary for real-world public health research and practice.

https://www.coursera.org/ pecializations/biostatistics public-health


  • Four-course series covering fundamental to advanced topics
  • Hands-on projects to apply biostatistical techniques
  • Determine how to choose the most appropriate statistical technique to answer your question
  • Calculate statistics from public health/medical data
  • Evaluate and interpret results of regression methods
  • Learn from leading experts in the field of public health


  • Subscription-based access on Coursera with a 7-day free trial

Summary: This course provides a comprehensive learning path from foundational principles to advanced statistical methods in public health, emphasizing practical skills and applications. Ideal for students and professionals seeking to enhance their biostatistical capabilities for impactful public health interventions. Learners are provided with a sharable certificate to add to their LinkedIn profile.

Stanford University Medical Statistics Certificate program

tanford University’s Medical Statistics Certificate program is an online offering designed to teach the fundamentals of medical statistics. This program enables learners to critically evaluate and apply statistical techniques in the medical field.

https://online.stanford.edu programs/medical statistics-program


  • Includes core competencies in study design, statistical methods, and data analysis
  • Flexible learning with options to enroll in individual courses or the entire program
  • Courses taught by experienced Stanford faculty
  • Students will learn to analyze, interpret and describe data and program in language R or SAS
  • Apply statistical methods to clinically relevant scenarios


  • Individual courses start at $179, with an all-access plan available for $499 for all three courses in this package
  • Special pricing options exist for those wishing to enroll as a group or team

Summary: Stanford’s program is perfect for those looking to gain a solid foundation in medical statistics, offering both depth and flexibility in learning options. Learners will be credentialed with a certificate of achievement upon completing the course.

Udemy Statistics for Health Professionals - A Practical Guide

Udemy’s “Statistics for Health Professionals – A Practical Guide” offers a targeted approach to understanding and applying statistical analysis in healthcare settings. This course is designed for health professionals seeking a practical understanding of statistics to improve their research and analytical skills.


  • Tailored for health professionals with little to no prior statistical knowledge
  • Topics include
    ○ Hypothesis Testing, Sampling, Confidence Intervals
    ○ ANOVA, Regression, Correlation and Hierarchical Regression
    ○ Hazard Ratio, Specificity and Sensitivity
    ○ Distributions: Normal, Poission, Chi-square, t-distribution
  • Focuses on practical applications of statistical concepts in healthcare
  • Includes real-world examples and case studies to enhance learning


  • Base price is currently $49.99 however this varies, with occasional discounts and promotions available, please check the website for the most up to date information

Summary: A practical, beginner-friendly course that demystifies statistics for healthcare professionals, enhancing their ability to conduct research and make data-driven decisions in their field. Learners have full lifetime access to content and are presented with a certificate upon completion. Finally, this course is generally well reviewed and currently has a 4.2/5 rating.

OsakaUx: Introduction to Applied Biostatistics: Statistics for Medical Research

Osaka University’s edX course, “Introduction to Applied Biostatistics: Statistics for Medical Research,” offers learners a gateway into medical statistical concepts and reasoning, focusing on real-world data analysis.

https://www.edx.org/learn biostatistics/osaka university-introduction-to applied-biostatistics statistics-for-medical research


  • Features real-life datasets for hands-on learning
  • Covers statistical and epidemiological study designs
  • Utilizes R Commander and PS sample size software for analysis
  • Topics include basic statistical concepts, selecting statistical tests, and sample size computation


  • Free access to course materials
  • $49 for a certificate

Summary: This intermediate-level course is designed for learners with no prerequisites, emphasizing practical skills in biostatistics and epidemiology for medical research.

The Match Guy Medical Statistics for Beginners

The “Medical Statistics for Beginners” course by The Match Guy is designed to empower medical students, residents, and research enthusiasts with the skills needed to conduct statistical analyses independently and understand analyses in research articles. While many online courses “show” you how to do basic statistical analysis, this interactive course ensures that you can actually do the analysis necessary to publish your results.  



  • Interactive, hands-on approach with exercises and quizzes
  • Starts from basic statistical analysis such as importing/coding data to advanced topics like linear and logistic regression, and survival analysis
  • Taught by Malke Asaad, a Plastic Surgery Resident with a prolific research background including over 150 publications


  • Multiple pricing options based on the amount of time you can access the course as well as access to other courses, webinars and WhatsApp communities
  • Price starts from $49
  • You can also bundle this course with other courses offered at TheMatchGuy.com to save even more

Summary: This course distinguishes itself by providing practical experience in statistical analysis, aimed at making learners independent in their research endeavors. It’s ideal for those in medical research positions or academic pursuits in medicine.

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