The Blacklist of Predatory Research Courses! Students Beware!

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The Blacklist of Predatory Research Courses! Students Beware!

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Congratulations! Your article ‘the effect of COVID-19 from the perspective of 5 medical students in Boxtan Medical School’ has been accepted for publication in the journal of Waq-al-waq.  

What an honor to have a paper published after the extensive work and effort. Dr. Junku, a non-US IMG from Boxtan Medical College, has never had any research experience. Attracted by the promises of a publication if he took part in Dr. Xumaro’s research course and overwhelmed by the Match® process, Dr. Junku decided to spare $800 in pursuit of an academic endeavor. Dr. Junku could not believe his eyes when he saw the acceptance letter from the journal. Finally, he had gotten a paper published!! WOW! What an amazing course! It was definitely worth the $800!

However, it was not too long before Dr. Junku realized that he was prey to what I would like to call, ‘predatory research courses’! Courses that follow unethical practices to take advantage of students who are unfamiliar with the research process.

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I contemplated multiple times about providing you in this blog, with a blacklist of predatory courses exploiting poor medical students similar to Beall’s List of predatory journals. However, learning from the Beall’s list and to avoid the need of updating this list every few months with the ever-increasing number of such predatory courses, I decided to provide you with the factors that you need to pay attention to so you can make your own determination as to whether a course is predatory or not.

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