Experimental Research Program


We are launching a new program in collaboration with a spine fellow to guide students with a research project.

The students participating in this project are expected to work on at least one research idea, participate in the design of the study, and all aspects related to the conduction of the research study and POSSIBLE research article.

The fellow will guide the students through every step of the project and the authorship on the paper will depend on the student’s participation in taking the project through to the end line.

The relationship you establish from buying this program is between you and the research fellow. TheMatchGuy is just an intermediary in this process.

You will get the chance to meet the fellow after you make the order and you retain your right to get a partial refund of the amount paid until 2 sessions into the program with the fellow. If you are not satisfied with the experience after the first or the second session, you can ask for a partial refund (a total of 75$ will be deducted if you decide to withdraw after the first session, and 150$ will be deducted if you decide to withdraw after the second session).
Refunds won’t be possible after the 3rd session.

You will get 3 months access to our research and statistics course for FREE as part of this program to make the best out of your research experience.

As mentioned, publication and authorship is possible but it is not guaranteed.

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