Internal Medicine/GI USCE, Queens, New York

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Experience a transformative medical rotation in Queens, New York!

The rotation will be with a multidisciplinary team that includes three doctors with specialties spanning family medicine, internal medicine, urgent care, and gastroenterology. The rotation will be 70% general internal medicine, and 30% GI!

The routine schedule extends from Monday to Friday, with an average of 15-20 patients being seen daily.

One of the standout features of this rotation is the gastroenterologist on the team, who has made significant contributions to the field, with articles published in various reputable journals and over 40 poster presentations showcased at national conferences.

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Responsibilities and expectations:

  • Students will be shadowing the attending in the clinic. Students will see the patients together with the attending while history is taken, and physical exam is done. Patients’ condition and management will be discussed after the completion of the office visit. Students will be observing chart documentation and dictations. The student can examine the patient only with patient’s permission and awareness of the privileges.
  • The rotation will be 70% general internal medicine, and 30% gastroenterology!
  • Research: Interesting cases and research opportunities may be available based on the patients that come in during the rotation.
  • Didactics: There will be opportunities to review each patient’s case, discussing their presentation, possible differential diagnoses, and formulating an assessment or treatment plan.
  • Setting: Outpatient
  • Students can have the opportunity to observe in an outpatient office-based surgery (endoscopies and colonoscopies) in Elmhurst two days a month.
  • Letter of Recommendation: The student is expected to get a letter of recommendation if they perform well during the rotation.



  • Good English and clinical skills. Applicants will provide their CV and be evaluated by the physician after signing up.
  • We require that all students have up-to-date immunization such as Hep B, Tdap, Covid-19, MMR, flu
  • Background check (details will be provided upon signing up).
  • This rotation does not offer VISA sponsorship. You must have your own visa sponsorship to participate in this rotation.
  • Fees are non-refundable if the student was not able to show up to the rotation or did not get a VISA (if notice was given 60 days ahead of the rotation start date, a 50% refund will be processed). For any questions prior to making the order, please reach out to info@thematchguy.com

Duration: Rotations start on Monday of each week and last for 4 weeks

Availability: To confirm the specific availability, please contact us on WhatsApp or book a free consultation here.

Physician Qualifications:

The American Board of Obesity Medicine

The American Board of Internal Medicine

The American Board of Gastroenterology

The American Board of Family Medicine


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